The Queen’s Gambit

As Overall (Production) VFX Supervisor on the Emmy and  Golden Globe-winning Netflix limited series The Queen’s Gambit from Writer/Director/Executive Producer Scott Frank and Executive Producers Bill Horberg & Alan Scott I oversaw 700+ VFX shots from pre-production through post.

Working closely with cinematographer Steven Meizler and production designer Uli Hanisch, my team, including VFX Producer Arissa Blasingame, transformed modern day Berlin and Toronto into late 1960’s era Las Vegas, Mexico City, Paris, Kentucky, Ohio, New York and Moscow.  In addition to the numerous set extensions, seasonal changes, CG cars, airplanes, simulations and crowds my VFX team developed the concept and look for all of the chess game hallucinations seen throughout the show.

The show required an extensive amount of historical research into period accurate details for numerous cities, architecture, vehicle makes and models to ensure that there was a seamless transition between the stunning, award winning, production design and the VFX we created.  Additionally, my team and I worked closely with the show’s chess consultants Bruce Pandolfini and Garry Kasparov to ensure that all of Beth’s chess visions were engaging, accurate and true to the game.  I enjoyed working closely with Scott Frank to hone in on his vision for the look of Beth’s chess pieces and to build out the world to his taste in this beautiful show.