The Offer

Showrunner: Nikki Toscano
Directors: Dexter Fletcher, Adam Arkin, Colin Bucksey
DP: Salvatore Totino, Elie Smolkin

Oscar-winning producer Albert S. Ruddy’s never-before-revealed experiences of making The Godfather (1972)

Overall (Production) VFX Supervisor overseeing nearly 800 shots, from prep through post, and 5 VFX vendors across 5 time zones, along with multiple LIDAR scanning and still photography units. Extensive collaboration with production designer Laurence Bennett, our cinematographers, special effects and stunts.

The show was shot entirely in Los Angeles. The VFX work involved creating historically accurate and highly detailed fully CG environments and matte paintings that captured the essence of 1970’s NYC and Los Angeles, while complimenting the production design. My team was relied upon to re-create iconic set pieces from The Godfather that no longer exist today. We also created crowds of thousands of people in period accurate clothing, period cars, airplanes, and provided weather and SFX enhancements.  Some of the environments we created include Columbus Circle, 5th Avenue and the Best & Co. department store, Mulberry Street in Little Italy, the Brooklyn Bridge, Carroll Gardens, LAX and JFK airports, the Sands Hotel and Las Vegas, the Polo Lounge, Harlem and the Bronx.