Men in Black 3

I worked with Sony Pictures Imageworks VFX Supervisors Ken Ralston and Jay Redd while reporting to CG Supervisor David Seager on this 2012 summer blockbuster. I composited numerous bluescreen and full CG shots during the Shea Stadium sequence and set extensions and crowds in the on-field flashback shots. I also was tasked with compositing and look development of a complex and unique fully CG shot of the main villain, Boris’s, final transformation into a grotesque creature designed by effects legends Ken Ralston and Rick Baker. In addition to the former, I was relied upon to deliver high priority shots for the trailer requiring a very quick turn around. I also served the 18 person team as Stereo Lead and ensured the timely and aesthetic delivery of final stereo comps and vendor breakout elements for shots done externally while also handling QC and serving as a point person for problem solving.